CheerXm1 Announces Partnership with Inside Cheerleading Magazine

CheerXm1, the online cheerleading radio station that launched on April 25, 2011 has partnered with Inside Cheerleading Magazine.

“I am excited about the opportunity to work with Inside Cheerleading Magazine”, says Melissa Hay, President of CheerXm1. “This partnership is a great fit for CheerXm1. We are continuing to grow and develop as The Industry’s On-Line Cheer Radio Station. Inside Cheerleading will assist us in building our global cheer community. ”

Inside Cheerleading will sponsor the Coach of the Month award on the site. Each Coach will be presented with a banner award co sponsored by Inside Cheerleading and CheerXm1. Throughout the year, Inside Cheerleading Magazine and CheerXm1 will cross promote the station at various upcoming events.

“Inside Cheerleading Magazine is thrilled to present the Coach of the Month award with CheerXm1 and recognize outstanding leadership and positive influence in our sport,” says Shane Womack, Director of Marketing of Inside Cheerleading Magazine. “CheerXm1 is the perfect fit for us and we enjoy building relationships with our partners and supporting the innovations of our industry. We are thrilled to partner with CheerXm1 and unite the global cheer community.”

About Inside Cheerleading Magazine

Inside Cheerleading Magazine is an Atlanta-based publication with nationwide distribution. Targeted for cheerleaders, gym owners, coaches and industry members, the magazine includes informative articles, profiles of cheerleaders at the high school, All Star and college level, coverage of events and competitions, style segments, plus the latest news and inside buzz. Each issue is jam-packed with entertaining features and stunning photos. For more information about Inside Cheerleading Magazine, visit

About CheerXm1

CheerXm1 is an Online Cheerleading Radio Station for the Cheerleader and the Global Cheerleading community. CheerXm1 will be focusing its programming to the cheerleading community as a way to share information and provide an entertainment source for cheerleaders and gyms.

CheerXm1 will be programmed like a radio station. Attention placed on the current music and the trends in cheerleading music. The focus will be the music and the teams, gyms as well as those who produce the music.

Added feature to the site is the Gym of the Month, Be on the Look Out Gym (BoLo) and Coach of the Month. Teams and coaches can apply for these monthly Awards. Upcoming features for the station will be specialty programming hours. These hours will focus on a particular gym, music, or event. CheerXm1 will announce the Performance Order for the day. These are times when the station is focusing on a particular gym or program. Our performance orders will be listed on our facebook page ( and on Twitter (cheerXm1).

Media Contact: Courtney Fernandez at [email protected] 910-551-3377

CheerXm1 Announces Partnership with Inside Cheerleading Magazine