Introducing CheerXm1

Uniting the Cheer World, One Routine at a Time

CheerXm1 is an Online Cheerleading Radio Station for the Cheerleader and the Global Cheerleading community. CheerXm1 will be focusing its programming to the cheerleading community as a way to share information and provide an entertainment source for cheerleaders and gyms.

CheerXm1 will be programmed like a radio station. In the morning we will play music from levels 1,2,3 then at lunch there will be and “Old School” lunch hour playing older music. In the afternoon there will be a mix of level 4, international, high school and college music. The prime hours of 3-10 pm will be a mixture of level 5 and current music. The focus will be the music and the teams, gyms and those who produce the music.

Added feature to the site is the Gym of the Month. Teams can apply for gym of the month. The criteria for selection includes:

  • Must be in good standing with USASF
  • Must have a team represented at Worlds/received a Worlds Bid
  • Community Involvement
  • National Titles

BoLo (Be on the Look Out) Teams can apply for BoLo

The criteria for selection includes:

  • Must be in good standing with USASF
  • National Titles
  • Less than 125 Cheerleaders
  • Gym Opened 5 years of less

Coach of the Month:

  • Can be High School, International or All Star Coach
  • Certified Coach
  • Community Involvement
  • Titles Won

Upcoming features for the station will be specialty programming hours. This will be a focus on a particular gym, music, or event. Playlists will be posted on our facebook page.

CheerXm1 Launch Press Release