CheerXm1 Announces Partnership with Nfinity Athletic Corporation

CheerXm1, the online cheerleading radio station that launched on April 25, 2011 has partnered with Nfinity Athletic Corporation, the Official Shoe of Cheerleading®

“This is a great opportunity for CheerXm1”, says Melissa Hay, President of CheerXm1. “Nfinity has a solid reputation of excellence and I am enthusiastic with the potential this brings for the coming year.”

Nfinity and CheerXm1 will co-sponsor several contests over the next months to promote the station and upcoming events.

“We take great pride in being involved in this kind of partnership,” stated Tate Chalk, CEO of Nfinity Athletic Corp. “Nfinity continues to build great long lasting relationships with our partnerships. We are excited to support CheerXM1 and the future of online cheer radio.”

About Nfinity Athletic Corporation

Nfinity Athletic Corporation is the world’s first and only brand with a core focus on designing and engineering lightweight high-performance athletic footwear for female athletes. With uncompromising performance, style and comfort, Nfinity product innovations specifically address the unique biomechanical needs of the female athlete to enhance their athletic performance and possibly reduce the risk of injury. The Nfinity brand’s continued goal is to strengthen its position in the sports of Women’s Basketball, Cheer, and Volleyball. Nfinity Athletic Corporation was ranked 9th on Inc. Magazine’s list of “Top 100 Consumer Product Companies” in 2008 and named “Business Innovation of the Year” at the 2009 American Business Awards and “Product Developer of the Year” at the 2010 American Business Awards. Visit for more information.

About CheerXm1

CheerXm1 is an Online Cheerleading Radio Station for the Cheerleader and the Global Cheerleading community. CheerXm1 will be focusing its programming to the cheerleading community as a way to share information and provide an entertainment source for cheerleaders and gyms.

CheerXm1 will be programmed like a radio station. Attention placed on the current music and the trends in cheerleading music. The focus will be the music and the teams, gyms as well as those who produce the music.

Added feature to the site is the Gym of the Month, Be on the Look Out Gym (BoLo) and Coach of the Month. Teams and coaches can apply for these monthly Awards. Upcoming features for the station will be specialty programming hours. These hours will focus on a particular gym, music, or event. CheerXm1 will announce the Performance Order for the day. These are times when the station is focusing on a particular gym or program. Our performance orders will be listed on our facebook page ( and on Twitter (cheerXm1).

Media Contact: Courtney Fernandez at [email protected] 910-551-3377

CheerXm1 Announces Partnership with Nfinity Athletic Corporation