Should My Company Attend Worlds?

Yes, your company should attend Worlds. Networking is an important part of the Cheerleading and Dance industry, making events such as Worlds “Must Attend” events. Worlds is the only event that will be attended by every major Event Producer, Gym, Dance Studio, Choreographer, Music Producer and Vendor in our industry, giving those attending to network with everyone in a single weekend. You’ll also get to see the best cheerleading and dance routines of the year.

As a Coach, would you like to see the top routines and meet the people that put them together? Would you like to schedule them for your teams or do you want a new sound for your teams? As a Choreographer, do you want to meet the Coaches and Gym Owners that could be your next client? Do you want to see the top teams in action to get your wheels turning? As a Gym Owner, do you want to meet the Event Producers that have events in your area? Do you want to meet other Gym Owners to see if there are any partnerships that can be formed? As an Event Producer, do you want to meet the Vendors that can that can help you improve your events?

The are other places where some of this can be done, such as JAM U or the Varsity Gym Owners Conference, but none will have as many people in one place as Worlds.