April Fool’s Day 2011

April Fool’s Day is the day anyone can get away with just about anything so I’m going to talk about rumors I’ve heard over the past several months.

2011-12 Rules

The new rules are going to be released today, but no one will believe it because it’s April Fool’s Day. At least we’ll get First Friday.

Cheer Extreme is Accused of …

Don’t worry, this just means it’s getting close to Worlds.

Departing the USASF

Rumors have circulated for a while about JAM Brands pulling out of the USASF and several smaller event producers following them. I’ve heard they are leaving, then not leaving, then leaving again, then settled on not leaving. I don’t think it’s a good idea for them to leave, but definitely think it’s reasonable for them to evaluate it as an option. JAM Brands is strong enough to survive without being able to send teams to Worlds, which is just about the only thing they couldn’t easily copy if they left the USASF. They do have US Finals, which could be a respectable alternative for Level 5 and 6 teams with some work.

I’m not too worried about them leaving, if they decide to, because I think everyone would reunite in a few years. Someone implied it may be better if they left because the gloves could finally come off, everyone can say what they have to say about each other, then they can return to working on making the sport and industry better.

Event Producers Change Scores

Say it ain’t so.

I’m Not the Type…

I’ve heard parents will no longer start sentences with “I’m not normally the type or parent to …” then proceed to do what they normally don’t do. I’ll believe that shortly after pigs fly over an ice cold hell. Advice to Parents – If you truly aren’t that type of parent, please don’t start now. If you are that type, at least be honest enough to admit it.

Top Gun has Aliens on the Team

Think Mars, not another country. How else do you explain how well they tumble?

Varsity Owns Cheersport

This was just too low hanging not to include.

Worlds Qualifier Judges Pool

Rumor is the USASF is going to provide a recommended judges pool from which Event Producers are supposed to pull from when selecting judges for Worlds qualifiers. I don’t believe this, mainly because the USASF gets recommendations for Worlds judges from the Event Producers, but having a pool similar to this isn’t a terrible idea. The USASF probably could and should do this for rules officials at Worlds qualifiers.