USASF Announces Age Grid Changes for 2011-2012

Please find the link to the 2011-2012 USASF Cheer Age Grid which is being published today. Also included are the age grid detailed explanation, including vote results, and a press release highlighting the positive reception to the new age grid by key USASF coaches. The goal is to publish the complete updated level rules and glossary by April 1.

As you probably know, the rules process was lengthy and complex. The USASF worked diligently to allow every member, who had an opinion about the rules, to be heard. This process attempted to collect the opinions, positives and negatives, and unintentional consequences that each rule would have on the industry as a whole. Information, input, questions and discussion took place at various locations and with a variety of attendees. The first step in the Cheer Rules Process was the NACCC meeting at Doral in June, 2010 and continuing on to the 5 USASF Regional Meetings which produced excellent conversations, videos and blogs of each of the rules discussions. This led to formal rule proposal submissions, submitted by all star cheerleading coaches, which were reviewed by the NACCC Executive Committee and the USASF Rules Committee prior to the NACCC Congress meeting the first of January. This meeting allowed for open discussion, a worldwide rules webcast and vote among registered coach members of the USASF. Finally, after the voting results were compiled there was a reconciliation process between the NACCC and the USASF Rules Committee to compromise on controversial issues, and final approval by a vote of the USASF Board of Directors.

In total, about 700 coaches attended the Regional Meetings and about 800 voted. In addition, the NACCC Executive Committee comprising of about 20 key coaches and the USASF Rules Committee with about 25 event producer and coach members spent many, many, hours fine tuning the rules during this cycle. Please join me in thanking everyone who volunteered their valuable time to make the 2011-2012 rules update a reality.

We will review the key team size issues during the upcoming competition season and expect an update for 2012-2013. The new USASF athlete membership database will provide far better information, than previously available, on the range of team sizes regionally around the country, and as such, will provide the basis for continuing analysis and updates of key team size limits.

Finally, as the USASF continues to learn how to work better together and to improve the number of members actively involved in the rules development, we expect to continue to look for ways to improve the rules process and make it more effective and transparent.

Click here to read the actual press release and view the age grid.

Thank you and best regards,

Jim Chadwick

U S All Star Federation