Update on the Free AACCA Courses for Coaches

Sheila Noone of Varsity Brands sent the following update:

We had no idea that our National Cheerleading Safety Month idea to give away 200 AACCA courses would be such a success! It sold out in its first day. I wanted to give you an update on what we’re doing now, to continue to encourage coaches to take the course. Thanks for all of your support on this effort – we know most of its success had to do with the message spreading virally.

Due to the overwhelming response of coaches to Varsity’s sponsoring 200 free AACCA Cheer Safety Courses, Varsity has decided to extend its assistance with cheerleading safety education. In addition to the 200 coaches who registered for a free AACCA Cheer Safety Course on the very first day of the announcement, 40 more lucky coaches will be able to take advantage of free course tuition. Each week in March, AACCA will randomly select 10 coaches who have registered for the course since March 1 and Varsity will cover their course tuition. The first selections will be March 11 with three more to follow each successive week. All coaches who register for the course in March will be in each weekly drawing.

Details: On March 11, 18, 25 and April 1, 2011 AACCA will randomly select 10 coaches from the paid online course registrations from March 1 through the day previous to the drawing. The 10 coaches selected will be announced on the AACCA and Varsity websites and notified via email. Varsity will reimburse the coach or school for the $75 AACCA course tuition.