Tanya Roesel: USASF/NACCC Update

NACCC Executive Committee Member Tanya Roesel sent the following email:

All-Star Cheer and Dance Coaches…

There is a ton of information out there right now regarding changes in both dance and cheer as well as some important things you should know!

All-Star Cheerleading

The rules were voted on and you can find the results at www.usasf.net. Right now the way the process works, the rules changes are now being reviewed by the rules committee and by March 1, 2011, we should have exactly what changes are going into effect and how this will effect you, the gym owner and coach. Remember, although the rules were voted on, it is not until the rules commitee approves them that the final rules slate is in effect… so I will be sure to forward you any information regarding new rules for 2011-2012 and 2012-2013 as we get them!

I can tell you that next season, all your athletes will need to be members of the USASF in order for them to compete at any USASF event. So as you are planning your tryouts and getting information to your parents in regards to cost, you want to include the $25 USASF membership fee for both your cheerleaders and dancers!

All-star Dance

There are a few updates as far as Dance is concerned we wanted to make sure you knew about:


USASFdance.net is scheduled to “launch” on Tuesday February 1. It is a temporary site built now to be a dedicated dance hub until Infinity Pro Sports can allocate resources to building a mirror site. The goal is to eventually have USASF.net be a load page and people can click on “cheer” or “dance” to get where they want to go.


There will now be an Executive Dance Committee made up of Catherine Morris (Chairman), Lynn Singer (Secretary), Liz Rifino (International Liason), Tegan Reeves (Director) and the chairman and secretary of each ‘sub’committee: Rules, Sanctioning and Advisory Committee.


Below is a link to a blank Policy Change Request Form.


The Dance Rules Committee has been making a grass roots effort to get info out first. We would like to make a big push on February 1 when the Website goes live. Please help us by forwarding the Form to your database. The Change Forms should be turned in by February 17. The Rules Committee will meet in Las Vegas NV on March 2 & 3 to amend the Dance Rules as a suggestion to the Board of Directors. If any of your members are interested being a part of the process please contact Tegan.


There will be a group of meetings in Costa Mesa, CA the week before the West Regional Meeting. They are as follows:

  • Wednesday August 10, 2011 – Executive Committee
  • Thursday August 11, 2011 – Sanctioning Committee
  • Friday August 12, 2011 – Advisory Committee
  • Saturday August 13, 2011 – Rules Committee

Safety Judges Training

There will be 3 Dance Safety Judges Training Sessions offered this year. They are as follows:

  • August 7 – Atlanta, GA
  • August 14 – Costa Mesa, CA
  • August 21 – Dallas, TX


The Dance Judges Selection process has run parallel to the Cheer’s. All event producers nominated judges and a committee will be selecting and notifying the judges on February 25. In addition, the score sheets are worded to emphasize the category and there will be head “category” judges (who will be meeting and judging the Junior Tapes on February 8) who will help focus the panels, train on the philosophy and review for quality.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me and I will be sure to keep you updated on things as they develop!


Tanya Roesel