Most Current USASF Athlete Membership Information

Tanya Roesel of the NACCC sent the following email:

Here is the most up to date information from Amy Clark with the USASF regarding Athlete Membership for next year…

For the 2011-12 season Athlete Membership will be required of cheer athletes only.

We are still building the dance programs and trying to introduce the USASF to studios and attract them to our industry.

As you know – -our dance events are very different from what studios usually participate in — So, as to not deter them from attending an event – we are going to hold off on requiring athlete membership for dancers this upcoming season

For the 2011-12 season cheer athletes will only be required to join as members.

Credentialing will be an optional part of the program.

Athlete credentialing is included in the membership fee — and as long as the coaches are credentialed – they can administer the credentialing tests to the athletes.

The fee for athlete membership will be $15 for the 2011-12 season.

The membership term will run concurrent with the competition season.

Similar to gym membership – it will be one flat rate ($15) that no matter when it is paid during the season it will expire at the end of the season. There is not a pro-rated fee.

All athlete members will recieve an ID card with their picture and birthdate on them.

Each athlete member will have a $1 million catastrophic insurance policy

More information on this coverage can be found at this link:

Athletes will also receive a magazine and are eligible to apply for scholarships.

You can find out the most current information by checking this link:

May I also suggest you download and print from this link information for your participants and their parents: