Top Ten Things I Don’t Understand About Cheer

This was sent to me by one of the dance judges. I found it amusing so I figured I’d share.

Top 10 things I don’t understand/hate about cheerleading:

  1. The ponytail swing
  2. The shimmy
  3. Mouthing the words
  4. Hugging your friend at the end
  5. Holding your stomach and “hiding”
  6. The “waist presentation”
  7. HUGE bows
  8. The crazy fast music and sweet sound effects
  9. The mystery man who does the voiceovers
  10. Sickled feet
  11. Teams that spell their name wrong on purpose such as Gym Tyme and Prime Tyme…huh??
  12. Holding your passé…I’m sorry…I mean liberty.
  13. Hunched shoulders
  14. Skimpy uniforms

Okay so it’s more than 10…