Jammy: Update on Indy

It is JAMfest Cheer Super Nationals week! We are so excited for this weekend and can’t wait to see nearly 10,000 athletes in Indianapolis. I would like to start this EXCITING event week off with a couple of reminders for you, your parents and your athletes.

Sportsmanship –

I would like to remind you of The JAM Brands Sportsmanship Creed. We believe SPORTSMANSHIP IS KEY! JAMfest encourages all coaches, athletes and spectators to demonstrate good sportsmanship at Super Nationals as well as every event. I ask you to demand that your athletes, parents and coaches exemplify positive team pride by having a sportsmanlike attitude and acting with respect and class. Here is The JAM Brand Sportsmanship creed. We ask that you pass this along to your athletes, coaches and parents!

The JAM Brands Sportsmanship Creed – The JAM Brands strives to build a fun and family atmosphere for all participants, coaches and spectators. We value healthy rivalry and encourage team spirit! Participants, coaches and spectators must represent themselves and their teams with pride at all times. They shall show respect to their competitors on and off the performance floor. With a positive competition atmosphere, The JAM Brands can ensure great events!

Scoring –

I would like to remind you that on our JAM Score website, you can view videos that will help you understand the judging system and score sheets. These videos have been on the website all season long, but please make sure to check them out. Go to www.thejambrands.com and click on JAM Score for all the information you need.

There is a tremendous opportunity at JAMfest Super Nationals to make a positive impact on our industry. Remember, it is the journey that your team takes and not just the result that creates wonderful memories for the kids.


Dan Kessler

JAMfest & The JAM Brands