SPIRIT Roundtable & Lounge

The future of the SPIRIT Roundtable and Lounge is uncertain. When we started the shows Sean Reid, King Harrison, and I said we would take a look at them at the end of the year to see if we could continue doing the show and if they were worth continuing. During that conversation Sean, who did a great job as the host and editor, let King and I know he wasn’t going to be able to continue with the shows out of concern they would start interfering with his real job. King and I understand where he is coming from so the shows are going to put on hold as we figure out what to do.

The 2 remaining shows of the SPIRIT Roundtable, one on USA Cheer, including STUNT, and the other on the Varsity Standard of Scoring, will be released in December, but beyond that we aren’t sure what we’ll do. I will say I’d be surprised if King and/or I didn’t continue a show in some form. I just wouldn’t expect anything until January at the earliest.