No 24 for All

Kathy Penree of the NACCC emailed me to let me know my proposal of dropping large and small divisions in favor of a universal size of 24 has been killed off and the proposals that will be voted on will be publicized next week.

I replied and asked “Will a list of submitted proposals that won’t be voted on be released?” to which Ms. Penree replied “We have a conference call early next week, I’ll ask about that.” Hopefully all the proposals will be made public so we can see all the ideas our industry came up with.


I am writing in regards to the 2011-2013 rules and policy change form you submitted. All of the submitted forms were reviewed by the NACCC Board of Directors and Executive Committee members to determine which proposals would move forward. That list was then reviewed by a joint committee of NACCC representatives and USASF Rules Committee representatives to finalize the voting slate.

The rules change form you submitted re: creating a universal division size of 24 did not move forward. As you will see when the final voting slate comes out on the USASF website next week, there are proposals on the table re: division splits and other division proposals.

Thank you for taking time to submit a rules change form. Please let me know if you have any questions.

thank you,

Kathy Penree

NACCC Secretary