What You Should Be Doing Now To Make A Collegiate Cheerleading Program

Hi everyone! My name is Kat Jones, a former Hawaii Pacific University Cheerleader and the founder of College Cheer Guide, a free resource that is packed full of useful collegiate cheerleading information.  One of our goals here at College Cheer Guide to get potential cheerleaders directly connected with the College Cheerleading Coaches of America. Lately, we have been receiving a lot questions and concerns about what steps needs to be taken in order to increase a cheerleaders chances of getting into the collegiate cheerleading program of their dreams.  So in an effort to take on this issue, I’m going to write a series of articles over the next couple of weeks to share additional information and answers to these questions.  Starting with what you should be doing/considering NOW to aid in the decision for which programs best fit you, your situation, and gives you the greatest chance of success.

  1. Make a Skills Video
    1. Although it seems early, go ahead and put something on tape.  You can always go back and increase the difficulty if you improve.  I promise, its way better than having to rush a skills tape.
    2. Make sure to put all tumbling on a hard floor (remember there is NO spring floors in college).  Include Jumps, Stunts, Baskets, a Cheer, a Dance, anything you can do.
    3. Possibly put a mock interview down.  It’s going to happen sometime.  Might as well practice.
  2. Determine what is important to you in a School and a Cheerleading Program and make a list of schools that match your criteria
    1. Consider location of the school, cost, majors offered, and living arrangements.
    2. Do the cheerleaders compete or not?  Do you even want to?
    3. How much time is required to cheer?
    4. Try to be as through as possible and try to take into consideration all aspects that could influence a successful and exciting college experience.
  3. List pros and cons for each school based solely on the school, not cheerleading look at:
    1. Location
    2. Cost
    3. Major
    4. University Admission Requirements
    5. Class Sizes
  4. List pros and cons for each school based solely on cheerleading look at:
    1. Required Skills
    2. Type of Squad (All Girl, Large Coed, Small Coed)
    3. Competitive or not
    4. Cheering for different sports
    5. Scholarships
  5. Compare the above lists and narrow down your search to a possible 10 schools that you would be interested in.

When making a decision as big as what school to go to, always use your resources.  Remember that College Cheer Guide will help you with your research! Feel free to use the extensive on-line resource directory that provides you with information on individual programs. Each program is broken down into the following categories: Contact Information, Try-Out Dates & Requirements, Time Commitment, Scholarships, Out of Pocket Expenses, and Advice from the Coach. If there are any questions feel free to contact us and check out the website to see how we can help you!

Kat Jones