Searching Q310

Every once in a while I’ll look at what people search for that leads them to Spirit Post. The top result is always some variation of Spirit Post, but ignoring that here are the top 5 topics for the last 3 months, with a little information to point searches in the right direction when possible.

1. NCATA, including NCSTA & John Blake

The National Collegiate Acrobatics and Tumbling Association (NCATA) was the most searched for topic over the last 3 months. This was likely due to the attention brought by the Quinnipiac trial and the NCATA website not being complete at that time. Now most information is available on the NCATA website.

2. Jeff Webb

Jeff Webb was the next most searched for topic. This was primarily due to the Quinnipiac trial, our letter to Jeff Webb, and his response to us.

3. NCA College Nationals 2010

There were several searches specifically about NCA College Nationals 2010. I have to assume readers are looking for Results.

4. Searching for Specific Events

There were many search looking for events, such as “cheer competitions in atlanta ga” or “cheerleading comp on Feb 12” spread throughout the searches. Right now we don’t have an easy to use, comprehensive listing of competitions, but I think people are starting to realize the need for one. Now we just need to find someone to create it. In the meantime we list several major events on the Spirit Post Calendar.

5. US Finals 2011

US Finals 2011 rounded out the top 5. Dates and locations are now available on the US Finals website.