Cheer Moms Expands to New Interactive Website

Sometimes it seems like having kids that cheer can be a full time job between practices, games and competitions! Cheer Moms is the place to meet, get to know each other and share ideas! Only another cheer mom can understand what we go through for our kids!

Hendersonville, NC, October 4, 2010 – Cheer Moms, which quickly became the go-to place for everything a parent of a cheerleader needs to know, is expanding! On Monday, October 4th, they will launch a new website at

The new site will launch in stages, and will be fully interactive. Look for exciting and useful feature articles by a team of contributors, including competition reports form a parent’s perspective, an engaging forum, a gym directory and a marketplace of things every cheer mom needs! There are also limited opportunities for advertising and unique partnerships in our marketplace.

Since beginning in March, their facebook page has grown to over 4500 “likes”. These moms interact and share information with a fervor! This is the cheer world! They look to their Cheer Moms friends for all sorts of advice – from how to know when it’s time to change gyms, how to select a good one, what fundraisers work well, safety and even cheer world politics. Tuesday morning, Cheer Moms posted, “Morning Cheer Moms!!! Anyone doing anything exciting today?” 29 comments.

There are a lot of allstar moms on the page, and a fair amount of school and community cheer moms too. Cheer Moms Mission: To provide a great place for parents of cheerleaders to gather, share and learn great information about the world of cheer. And cheer is global.

Real-life cheer moms, Nikki DeLude and Lisa Miller, are co-founders. They met shortly after Nikki started the page. Lisa is a programmer. Nikki says, “We just clicked – and became great friends!” Nikki and Lisa began by moderating the page and soon started a separate site to provide more flexibility and opportunity for interaction. They both also blog for Cheer Channel.

Nikki is the mother of 2, Gracie is 5 and Kate is 13. Gracie is going into her 2nd season of allstar cheer, and we are working on getting Kate back on her allstar team after a much-needed break. Kate is captain of her middle school squad right now! Nikki also works full time in customer service while running Cheer Moms with Lisa. The latest crisis at the DeLude house, what music to select for Gracie’s individual routine! And her friends at Cheer Moms definitely had some advice!

Lisa is the mom of two, Colin, her 10 year old loves baseball, basketball and football and Abby, 8 years old, lives, eats, sleeps and breathes allstar cheer! Lisa says, “It’s one crazy life! And a full time job in itself!” Her daughter suffers from hip dysplasia, and cheerleading has been great for her! Lisa proudly speaks geek! She consults and does contract technology, IT and database management from home. A busy mom, she also runs the office at her daughter’s cheer gym. When asked about Cheer Moms, Lisa says, “I truly love sharing and learning from other moms across the world!”

Cheer Moms has several very special partners. They support the mission of the National Cheer Safety Foundation and Cheer for a Cause, as well as Coach Julie Cheers.

Look for Cheer Moms to show up at an event near you! And they’re looking for ambassadors. If you think you’ve got the stuff it takes to be an ambassador for Cheer Moms, reach out to them for an application.

Find Cheer Moms at and on facebook at Their email is [email protected].