AACCA’s Bullying is Nothing To Cheer About Campaign

Sheila Noone sent the following about AACCA’s “Bullying is Nothing to Cheer About” campaign:

Some of you have seen the new “Bullying is Nothing to Cheer About” campaign (http://www.facebook.com/bullyingisnothingtocheerabout) that was launched just last week. The concept of a campaign itself is one that came about more or less at the same time by several people. Jim Lord came up with the name and together with Debbie Bracewell created the basic content of the campaign. The idea behind it is simple. There’s nothing to sign up for and nothing to buy. There’s just an initiative to spread awareness that cheerleaders can make a difference when it comes to bullying.

The first step is for each person themselves not to be a bully or be demeaning to others. From there, it’s as simple as befriending someone who is different, saying “hello” in the hallway to an outcast, or even actively standing up to a bully.

There are all sorts of anti-bullying campaigns in existence, and there’s no reason to recreate the wheel. But we strongly feel that cheerleaders and coaches need to step up and take action. As leaders in their schools and communities, they often wield more power and influence than they think they do.

So feel free to join the campaign and spread the word about “Bullying is Nothing to Cheer About”! If you have any questions, please contact Jim Lord at [email protected] or 901-387-4309