Varsity: Pin It Forward Campaign A Success At Cheer Camps Nationwide

Cheerleaders were recognized for leadership, commitment, kindness and motivation.

Memphis, Tenn. (September 4, 2010) – This summer, Varsity introduced their new “Pin It Forward” program at cheer camps across the country. Developed as a way to demonstrate why “American Needs Cheerleaders,” Pin It Forward recognized and praised cheerleaders who promote the values fostered through cheerleading, specifically leadership, spirit, commitment, kindness, and motivation. The goal of the campaign is to recognize standout cheerleaders, and encourage them to pass on a kind act to fellow athletes.

Pin It Forward was a two part process. Camp instructors approached campers who demonstrated one of the reasons America Needs Cheerleaders, like leadership, kindness, or motivation. Every instructor at every camp was given two Pay It Forward pins on a cardboard card. When they chose the recipient of their pin, they gave them the card with instructions to pass along the second half to a cheerleader they noticed had the same positive traits. That cheerleader ripped their card in two and gave the second pin to the cheerleader of their choice. All of the “pinned” cheerleaders were recognized in front of the entire camp by the instructors.

“Our campers reacted so enthusiastically to this program,” says Nicole Lauchaire, Director of Corporate Brand Marketing and New Media for Varsity. “There are so many amazing cheerleaders across the country, and we are thrilled to recognize them in such a meaningful way.”

Coaches and campers alike were thrilled with the program. “Pin It Forward is an uplifting program for cheerleaders,” says Coach Lois Vandergriff of Whitwell High School in east Tennessee. “It’s great that Varsity has decided to recognize athletes for their value and commitment and not just their ability. I have been a cheerleading coach for 16 years and always try to encourage community service and instill leadership in my girls. Pin It Forward gives cheerleaders motivation to do these things, and they know they will be recognized for it.”

Campers were also given instruction on how to prepare for National School Spirit Day, which is September 10, 2010. Varsity, the worldwide leader in organized cheerleading, has asked cheerleaders to be visible leaders in their communities by performing works of service in their schools and neighborhoods. For more information on America Needs Cheerleaders, visit

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