Varsity: Exciting News: USA Cheer Announces Stunt

John White, Director of College Programs for UCA, sent this email:

Dear Coach,

As you’re probably aware, there has been much discussion over the past few months about cheerleading and its role on today’s university campuses. You might recall we discussed a number of these issues while at camp this summer with both you and your cheerleaders.

In particular, a number of colleges have been looking at ways to utilize some of the skills and techniques of traditional cheerleading, but doing so by creating a different team and new sport format that would meet the requirements of Title IX and the NCAA’s Emerging Sport Status.

USA Cheer, the governing body of all cheerleading in the United States, and which the Universal Cheerleaders Association fully supports, has developed such a sport, which it announced yesterday. It is called Stunt, and it is clearly different than traditional cheerleading and cheerleading competitions as they have existed for the past 30 years. The Stunt format has tremendous momentum and is quickly gaining the total support of the entire cheerleading community. It will be governed and run by cheerleading experts, coaches, and athletes, rather than by another sport. I’m sending you this email so that you’ll understand Stunt is not intended to replace traditional cheerleading or all star, but rather to provide a separate opportunity for those who wish to participate in this new opportunity.

For more detailed information, please click on the link below to be directed to the USA Cheer website:

I’ve attached a guide created by USA Cheer that is also on their website to specifically be provided to your Administration and Athletic Director. Please review it and forward it along to your appropriate school contacts.

Administrator Guide for Stunt:

The Executive Director for USA Cheer, Bill Seely, will keep you updated on the development of Stunt. If you have any questions, please contact Bill directly at [email protected].

Hope you’re doing well and stay in touch if I can do anything else for you or your program.

John White

Director of College Programs
Universal Cheerleaders Association