Strength & Flexibility

The number one reason athletes have difficulty gaining new skills is their bodies are not ready for them. They are either not strong enough or not flexible enough to perform the skill they would like to have. Part of this is because they are not spending enough time conditioning. Core strength is essential to everything athletic. It will help cheerleaders’ tumbling, jumps, and stunting. It’s also just nice to have a flat, well toned stomach. Flexibility is also very important, whether it’s shoulder flexibility needed for strong tumbling or leg and back flexibility needed for great body positions. Unfortunately most people only think about strength and flexibility when they are at the gym. Strength and Flexibility are things that can be worked on at home without the cost of an additional class or private lesson. Another benefit of being stronger and more flexible is the reduced chance of getting injured.

If you are struggling with your jumps or tumbling or just having a hard time making it through your routine, spend some time conditioning every day. Since I had the pleasure of working with Debbie Love for about 20 months I’m going to suggest going to her website, For the “Love” of Tumbling, for tips and strength and conditioning drills. Just for the record, I was the one that suggested the name for the book and website.