Spirit Post Comments

David’s article Cheerleading, Gymnastics, or Emerging Sport led to passionate responses from several readers. A few left their thoughts in comments, but many more emailed David, myself, or Spirit Post asking for their response to be published and some of them were published as new articles. In retrospect I think these items should have used the comment system, so from now on we’re asking anyone that is responding to a specific article to use the comment system instead of emailing it to us asking that it be published. The comment system allows guest comments as long as you enter a name and email address, so feel free to use anonymous and [email protected] if you would like to remain anonymous. You also have the option of signing in using credentials from Spirit Post, IntenseDebate, WordPress.com, Facebook, Twitter, or OpenID, which includes Google, Yahoo!, and AOL. If your preference is to email one us directly, you still can, but it is unlikely a response to an article will be published as a new article. This isn’t because we don’t appreciate the feedback, because we do, but we think it’s easiest for everyone to see an article and responses to the article in the same place.

So you know, comments from new commenters are held for moderation. To date we have only deleted spam comments and have never deleted or not published a comment because we disagreed with it. We do ask that you be conscious of the language used so we don’t have a reason not to publish your comment.