Methodist University is the Latest University to Add a Stunt Team to Their Athletic Department

The North Carolina-based university will add a Stunt team in addition to their existing cheerleading program.

Memphis, Tenn. (September 2010) – Methodist University is the sixteenth university to embrace the newly developed Stunt format. Methodist anticipates hosting two tournaments on campus in the spring of 2011, and will announce its complete season schedule in the upcoming months.

Cheerleading has already been treated as a varsity sport at Methodist, and the new Stunt team will join the traditional cheerleading team in receiving the same benefits as all other varsity athletes.

“Methodist University has always had a fine cheerleading program, with strong athletes and a strong commitment to school spirit,” says Bill Seely, Executive Director of USA Cheer, the governing body of cheerleading in the United States. “Creating a separate Stunt team allows the University to add additional female athletes with the sole focus of representing the school in this exciting new sport.”

“Methodist University is excited to add Stunt to the Athletic Department,” says Melissa Hay, Head Cheerleading Coach and Director of Methodist University Spirit Programs. “Methodist has a strong history and tradition in cheerleading, and Stunt will be a new opportunity to expand our competitive tradition.”

Hay adds, “The creation of Stunt as a separate collegiate sport is a natural progression from years of traditional cheerleading. This new format will allow young women to compete and demonstrate the athletic skills they have developed through cheerleading.”

Methodist joins 15 other universities in committing to a Stunt team for the upcoming spring season.  Teams known for training some of the finest cheer athletes, like University of Louisville and University of Memphis, were among the first to commit to the new sport, which takes skills from traditional cheerleading but adapts them to a game format.

About USA Cheer

The USA Federation for Sport Cheering is a not-for profit organization and is the national governing body for all disciplines of cheerleading. USA Cheer exists to serve the entire cheer community, including club cheering (All Star), traditional school based cheer programs and the new sport of “Stunt.” USA Cheer has three primary objectives: help grow and develop interest and participation in Cheer throughout the United States; promote safety and safety education for cheer in the United States; and represent the United States of America in international cheer competitions.

About NCAA Emerging Sport Status

NCAA Emerging Sport Status requires a sport to provide additional athletic opportunities for female students, involve physical exertion with the purpose of competition, have standardized rules with a scoring system ratified by a governing body and have regularly scheduled competitions.

About Title IX

Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972 prohibits sex discrimination in educational institutions where the federal government provides financial assistance. Title IX prohibits sex discrimination in athletics in the offering of participation opportunities, athletic benefits and resources, and scholarships.

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Methodist University Joins Stunt Format