AACCA Rules Change Reminder

As we get into competition season, please don’t forget about the rule changes AACCA announced this summer.

Changes affecting all school teams:

  • Released stunt transitions must be braced on at least one side. This effectively removes skills such as free-standing Tic Tocs. Load-in releases such as a Switch Lib are still allowed as they do not begin in a stunt.
  • In stunts where the top person falls away from the bases in a flat body position (also known as a Pendulum) the top person must be caught by at least three catchers. Previous AACCA rules required a minimum of two catchers.

Changes affecting elementary, middle and junior high school teams:

  • All basket tosses and double full twisting dismounts are prohibited on all surfaces.

For more information about this announcement, please visit AACCA’s Cheerleading Safety Blog or website.