USASF Atlanta Meeting 2010

The USASF held a Regional Meeting in Atlanta over the weekend. Official notes from this meeting and all of the USASF Regional Meetings will be posted on the Allstar Cheer & Dance Blog, but there are 2 things I want to share. First, Les Stella, the USASF Rules Coordinator, is going to form a committee and start researching a Universal Score Sheet. The scoring systems in use now each have their strength and weaknesses, some in design and others in implementation, but hopefully Les and his committee can find a way to come up with something better than anything in existence today. This is a committee I hope to be part of.

Second, one of the major things the USASF looks at when creating a rule is whether or not it’s enforceable. Please keep this in mind when making recommendations. People brought up some things, including recruiting practices and the appearance of athletes at events, that many people would like to have addressed. The question is what can the USASF really do to stop a guy from finding out if a different program is a better fit or stop a girl from walking around in Uggs, an unzipped skirt, and a sports bra at a competition? As you look to make a recommendation, please have a solution in mind that would be possible to implement. Even if the solution is rough it will give a much better starting point that merely restating a problem.