UPA: New for 2011!

UPA announced what’s new for the 2011 AmeriCup Cheer & Dance Championship to be held February 24-27, 2011 in Minneapolis, MN.

  1. Cheer Team Competition takes place on Saturday & Sunday (rather than Friday & Saturday)
  2. Cheer Divisions for High School have been separated out by Small & Large Squad Sizes (only one division in the past per school size. Now have Small Varsity 1, Large Varsity 1, etc…)
  3. Dance Team Competition is now 3 Days – beginning on Friday with Pom Routines (all other styles will take place on Saturday & Sunday)
  4. All Individual & Small Group Competition takes place on Friday (Cheer used to be on Thursday)
  5. College Athletes compete in one individual event for FREE ($160 per person value – FREE)
  6. All Athletes pay $140 Package Fee with upgrades available (customize your own package to suite your needs)
  7. Paid Cheer Worlds Bid guaranteed to be awarded to a Level 5 Team (any eligible division could have gotten it in the past)
  8. Teams vying for Worlds Bids are required to bring Two Teams (new)
  9. Saturday evening semi-formal event changed to Gala at $35 per person fee. (all the glitz & bling without the expense)
  10. Friday night’s pizza party is a Birthday Party. Bring a t-shirt to swap as a gift (you get a present)