NCSTA: NCSTA Member Schools Announce Name Change to Stunts and Tumbling

The NCSTA sent the following announcement:

The National Collegiate Stunts and Tumbling Association (NCSTA) is pleased to announce the official name of their sport as voted by the member universities: Stunts and Tumbling. The name Stunts and Tumbling promotes the sport’s standardization at the intercollegiate level. Each member institution will change their teams’ names to match the new initiative.

The NCSTA is the official governing body of the sport and is made up of the six institutions that currently sponsor stunts and tumbling at the varsity level – Azusa Pacific, Baylor, Fairmont State, Maryland, Oregon, and Quinnipiac.

John Blake, Executive Director of the NCSTA, voiced his enthusiasm for the drive and passion of the NCSTA and the member universities.

“We are excited to announce the name Stunts and Tumbling as yet another sign of the evolution and development of the NCSTA. As Stunts and Tumbling continues to grow, we look forward to providing even more varsity intercollegiate opportunities for female student-athletes.”

The purpose of a stunts and tumbling team is to compete on behalf of a university, 6-8 times per season in a head-to-head meet format against other collegiate stunts and tumbling teams. An NCSTA meet includes six rounds – compulsory, stunt, pyramid, basket toss, tumbling and team routine. The scoring system includes pre-determined difficulty values for each skill in each round of the events that allows for consistent scoring by the officials. The NCSTA’s unique meet format with standardized scoring, officiating, and safety provide clear separation from other related sports or activities.

Stunts and tumbling teams are all-female and recognized and treated as fully sponsored sports at their respective institutions. They therefore must be in full compliance with NCAA rules and regulations in order to compete and are held to the same standards as other sports (i.e. GPA minimums, eligibility requirements and recruiting guidelines).

Blake accentuated, “As stunts & tumbling truly is unique, it is clear that it is not taking away from any other sport or activity; it will continue to provide new opportunities for female student-athletes to excel in intercollegiate athletics as more universities embrace the sport. Spectators will be engaged in its high-energy, intense competitive atmosphere”

The NCSTA National Championship will be in April 7 -9, 2011 at the University of Oregon.


About the NCSTA: The National Collegiate Stunts and Tumbling Association is a not-for-profit group of collegiate administrators and collegiate stunts and tumbling head coaches.

NCSTA Vision Statement: The vision of the National Collegiate Stunts and Tumbling Association is to provide leadership and governance for the sport of stunts and tumbling at the collegiate level based on fair, standardized and safe competition while continuing to expand opportunities for female student-athletes at the collegiate level.

NCSTA Mission Statement: The mission of the National Collegiate Stunts and Tumbling Association is to guide the sport of stunts and tumbling to NCAA emerging sport status and eventually to a fully sponsored NCAA sport with an NCAA sanctioned national championship.