Email: 2010-2011 Varsity All Star Scoring System Update

Justin Carrier, NCA, is letting us know Varsity All Star has an updated Scoring System:

Varsity has upgraded the Varsity All Star Scoring System for the 2010-2011 season!! A majority of the Varsity Brands will be using the same score sheet for all cheer divisions. For a complete list of links to the Scoring Information and Sample Score Sheets click here:

This summer, myself and other members of the Varsity Score Training Team will be on-site at EVERY USASF Regional Meeting to conduct a training session on the score sheet and it’s upgrades from last season. To attend any of the USASF Regional Meetings, go to their website at and find a meeting near you!

Varsity Scoring Upgrades:

  1. More detail and skills listed on grid.
  2. “Bobble” deductions allocated a .5 as opposed to consideration in the “Technique/Execution” score.
  3. “Technique/Execution” column changed to just “Technique.” This score will reflect the technique of the athletes, but ignore any bobbles and falls.
  4. Level 1 Only – “Tosses” category replaced with “Dismounts.”
  5. Level 6 included on the grid.



Justin Carrier
Vice President – Varsity All Star
Varsity Brands