Dear Spirit Post: Is Cheerleading a Sport?

This email was sent to Spirit Post on Friday. Although I’m pretty sure it’s not actually from Jeff Webb, since it isn’t from his email address, I like the writer’s sense of humor and want to respond to it.

Jeff Webb wrote:

Dear Spirit Post,

Do you think Cheerleading is a sport?





Do I think Cheerleading is a sport? No. As Cheerleading stands today it is not a sport because the majority of cheerleaders do not participate in Cheerleading primarily to compete. Cheerleading as a whole includes recreational teams, middle school, high school, and collegiate teams, allstar teams, and professional teams. Of these groups the only ones that exist primarily to compete are allstar teams. Are cheerleaders athletes? Is Cheerleading difficult? Is Cheerleading a great activity to participate in? Yes, Yes, and Yes, but these factors alone do not make Cheerleading a sport.

Do I think AllStar Cheerleading is a sport? Yes, but understand the sport governing bodies I care about, the NCAA and the International Olympic Committee (IOC), won’t recognize AllStar Cheerleading as a sport until there is a more clear separation from non-competitive Cheerleading.


P.S. I’ve invited all the Spirit Post authors to respond to this email/question so there may be a few more responses published. Feel free to leave your response in the comments.