PR: IEP Members Unite At Worlds 2010

From Lisa Saline (IEP & UPA):

Members of the Independent Event Producers Organization met together in Orlando at the Cheerleading & Dance Worlds for a photo op and to support other independent companies.  Due to schedule conflicts with the photo time, other IEP members who also attended Worlds were unable to meet at the designated time but were there to support independents as well.

Pictured below, in the official IEP color (lime green), pictured are:

IEP Members At Worlds 2010
IEP Members At Worlds 2010

Brian Hallam (US Spirit), Jen Schenk (US Spirit),  Connie Baxter (Mardi Gras), Aliza Friedman (Cheer America), David Sims (Jamz), Colleen Little (Cheer America), Cathy Buckey (Champion Cheer & Dance), Billy Smith (Spirit Celebration), Lisa Saline (UPA Cheer & Dance), Darren Thompson (Cheer Ltd.), Missy Richard (Americheer) and Jeannine Sentilles (Mardi Gras).