USASF Credentialing at NCA College Nationals

We were asked to post this about USASF Credentialing at NCA College Nationals in Daytona.

Link to All Forms mentioned in Gena’s email.

Hello All,

I have had several request about offering USASF Coach Credentialing at NCA College Nationals in Daytona Beach, so I have been successful setting that up.  I know that many of you will be there as participants, coaches and/or spectators.  I am going to be available in the evening on Wed and Thurs (April 7-8) depending on need.

If you are interested, you will need to take action right away.  For some of you, this may be your last opportunity to get this done prior to Worlds.

See the attachments below.  There are many and I don’t want to confuse you.  The Tool Kits and the different levels are the support material for the actual test itself.  You can, but don’t have to download those.

You must download the Coach Credentialing Participation Forms and the All-Test.  You will need to take care of that right away and fax the proper competed paperwork back to me right away and then I will contact you to schedule an exact time for the Hands-On verbal test to complete your process.

Listed below are the links for you to go on-line and download the information you need to complete your credentialing or re-credentialing.

Coaches — at a minimum you need to download 2 documents:

  1. all-tests-only
  2. coach-cred-all-participant-forms

(both links lited below)

All other items are support materials to help you review for your credentialing session and help you complete the written tests.

If you are RE-CREDENTIALING, you do not need to fill out the Practical Field Experience Form.

Be sure to call me with questions…407-234-1212.  I will be available to take your call over the weekend.

Feel free to forward this info to your friends.


Gena Evans

USASF South Regional Director

USASF Project Manager

Cell:  407-234-1212

Fax:  407-264-8391

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