Rumor: Varsity to Leave USASF (Updated)

According to two very reliable people that wish to stay anonymous, Varsity will be leaving the USASF following this season. Citing frustration over constant criticism, from websites like this one and on message boards, over having too much influence on the USASF, Jeff Webb and Co. have decided it would be best for the industry for Varsity to pull out of the USASF, proving it does not have undue influence. A formal announcement will be made in early May because Varsity decided they didn’t want to be a distraction at the upcoming Worlds.

Starting next season Varsity Brands will not offer Worlds Bids at any of their competitions, instead turning the International All Levels Championship into the only year end event they support. All Levels will add the current Worlds divisions so gyms loyal to Varsity will continue to have a prestigious year end event. Varsity will also continue to use the USASF rules and age and division grid for the convenience of gyms owners and choreographers.

According to the sources there are still a lot of details that need to be worked surrounding Varsity’s departure of the USASF, the upcoming changes to All Levels, and steps USASF will need to take to be able to continue operating smoothly. They said they would send us info as it becomes available. Please remember this is only a rumor at this time and today is April Fools Day. Have a great day.

Update: This is an April Fool’s Day joke.