UCA National All Star Cheerleading Championship Announcement

UCA released the following announcement concerning Worlds bids at UCA Nationals:

UCA National All Star Cheerleading Championship Announcement

This weekend at the UCA National All Star Cheerleading Championship (NASCC), Brandon All-Stars Large Senior Semi-Limited Coed team (Senior White) should have been awarded a paid bid to the USASF Cheerleading Worlds in April.

This unfortunate misunderstanding has taken away from Brandon All Star’s recognition in front of their peers at the NASCC, and UCA deeply regrets that the team was not able to share this exciting accomplishment with the all star community at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

UCA is appealing to the USASF to secure this bid correctly and rectify this mistake, so that Brandon All-Stars – Senior White can take their well deserved place at the prestigious 2010 USASF Cheerleading Worlds.

Below is the exact appeal sent to the USASF sanctioning committee Monday afternoon:

Last night, at UCA All Star Nationals, it was discovered after the Cheer Worlds bids were awarded, UCA had passed up awarding a paid bid to one of their highest scoring teams of the weekend, Brandon All Star’s LSSLC (Large Senior Semi Limited Coed).

When UCA looked at the spreadsheet, they noted another Brandon Coed team, who already had a paid bid from CHEERSPORT, was marked on the Worlds Spreadsheet as SSLC (Small Senior Limited Coed). UCA assumed SSLC stood for Senior Semi Limited Coed and noted that team as an accepted paid bid team. Therefore, they were not awarded the paid bid.

UCA, does not feel they can go back and take one of their paid bids away from one of the 3 awarded paid bids and would like to award a 4th paid bid to the team that clearly earned it.

This is not a situation, where UCA had used this as a marketing opportunity to increase enrollment. They just want to make the wrong right and pay for another paid bid.