PacWest & UCA Bids (Updated)

PacWest & UCA awarded bids to Worlds this weekend:


  • Partial – South Elite (Senior Semi-Limited Coed L5)
  • At Large – Denali All Stars (Senior Small Limited Coed L5)

PacWest Update – South Elite declined the Partial bid. PacWest then offered the Partial bid to Denali All Stars (Senior Small Limited Coed L5) and the At Large bid to West Coast Extreme (Senior Small L5).


  • Paid – East Celebrity Elite (Senior Small L5)
  • Paid – Memphis Elite (Senior Small Limited Coed L5)
  • Paid – Stingrays “Smoke” (Senior Large Limited Coed L5)
  • At Large – ATL All Stars “Senior Black” (Senior Semi-Limited Coed L5)
  • At-Large – Cheer Florida “G5” (Senior Small L5)
  • At-Large – Cheer Illinois Athletics Power (International Open Coed L5)
  • At-Large – CheerForce “Coed Black” (Senior Large Limited Coed L5)
  • At-Large – Elite Cheer & Dance “Wrath” (Senior Small Limited Coed L5)
  • At-Large – Kentucky Elite “Wildcats” (International Open Coed L5)
  • At-Large – Macs “Senior Starz” (Senior Small L5)
  • At-Large – Premier “Great White Sharks” (Senior Small L5)
  • At-Large – Twisters All Stars (Senior Small Limited Coed L5)

Updated to add the PacWest Update and the UCA At Large Bids.