Miscellaneous Thoughts

I had a few thoughts recently I thought I would share. I think UCA should move High School Nationals to March and All Star Nationals to February. I’m not sure this would work with state basketball tournaments, but it would be nice to give the high school teams an extra month to get ready and give All Star teams attending UCA and Worlds more time between expensive trips to Disney.

I think year end events such as All Levels and US Final should be in April and Worlds should be the the 1st weekend of May. I would also make Worlds smaller overall, take fewer teams to finals, and increase the size and scope of the USASF Awards. I’ve gone into making Worlds smaller in the prior articles and won’t again in this one. I would take fewer teams to finals so all division finals could be at the Milkhouse and possibly move the ICU finals to Sunday at the Milkhouse as well. In addition to the awards currently given, I would announce All Levels and US Finals champions.

I think Jammy and Varsity should release their scoring systems under a Creative Commons license so other event producers could adopt them as long as credit is given. They should also set up a program among event producers adopting their scoring systems to have involvement in making adjustments and receive training in using it properly.