Coastal & Cheer Alliance Bids (Updated)

Coastal & Cheer Alliance (Canada) awarded bids this weekend:

Coastal’s Battle at the Capitol

  • Paid – New Jersey Spirit Explosion (Senior Small L5)
  • Paid – South Jersey Storm “Thunder” (Senior Semi Limited Coed L5)
  • At-Large – Cheer Tyme “Obsession” (Senior Small Limited Coed L5)
  • At-Large – Elite Cheer Michigan “Celebrity” (Senior Small L5)
  • At-Large – Maryland Twisters “Black Ice” (International Open Coed L5)
  • At-Large – South Jersey Storm “Hurricanes” (International Open Coed L6)
  • At-Large – USA Wildcats (International Open Coed L5)
  • At-Large – Virginia Wild “Wildcats” (Senior Small Limited Coed L5)

Update: Maryland Twisters “Black Ice” declined the At Large bid, so Coastal offered it to EC Cats (International Open All Girl L5).

Cheer Alliance Ontario Championships

  • Paid – Cheersport “Great White Sharks” (International Open All Girl L5)
  • Paid – Cheerforce Wolfpack (International Open All Girl L5)
  • Paid – Power Cheer Toronto “Cobras” (International Open Coed L5)
  • At Large – Cheersport “White Fins”  (Junior All Girl L5)
  • At Large – Cheerforce Wolfpack (Junior All Girl L5)
  • At Large – Cheersport “Gray Reef Sharks” (International Open All Girl L6)
  • At Large – Cheerforce Wolfpack (International Open Coed L6)
  • At Large – Ultimate Canadian Cheer (International Open Coed L5)