USASF National Advisory Board Announcement

Jim Chadwick sent the NAB Election Results:

National Advisory Board Announcement


The USASF National Advisory Board elections are now complete with 3,952 total votes cast. The NAB is the elected body within the USASF that sets the agenda for the organization. Many important initiatives have originated from the NAB and it is one of the most respected groups in the all star community. The seats are highly sought after and the elections are very competitive.

Brad Habermel said “I am proud to be able to serve the USASF and the all star community as a new NAB member”.

Nominations All current coach, event producer, and affiliate USASF members may nominate prospective NAB members. Coaches can nominate coaches. Event producers can nominate event producers. Everyone can nominate affiliate members. The coaches’ category includes coaches, gym owners, and choreographers. Affiliates are all members who are not either coaches or event producers including, for example, magazine publishers and equipment suppliers.

A prerequisite for any USASF member accepting the nomination for the NAB is they must fully participate, including personally attending both meetings.

All nominations must be sent to [email protected] by the schedule below. Please include your membership information as well as the name and contact information of the individual you are nominating, including the person’s full name, gym/event producer name, address, phone, and e-mail address.

Elections As with nominations, current USASF member: coaches vote for coaches, event producers for event producers, and everyone for affiliates

Term The term of office for NAB members is 2 years. Half of the NAB members are elected each year resulting in overlapping terms to promote continuity.

Meeting Schedule The first 2010 meeting will be April 6 in Dallas. The USASF will continue to reimburse the lodging expense for coaches. Since food is included in the meeting, all coaches need to pay is travel.

The second 2010 meeting is August 19 in Dallas. Of course, this date can be changed by the NAB at the April meeting if needed.

Cheer Coach Representatives

The terms of office for these NAB members expire 12/31/12

  • Brad Habermel – Cheer Athletics, TX
  • Tara Cain – Maryland Twisters, MD
  • Courtney Pope – Cheer Extreme, NC
  • Orson Sykes, Twist and Shout, OK
  • Cheryl Pasinato – East Celebrity Elite, MA

Terms expire in December 2010

  • Jamie Parrish, Georgia Allstars, GA
  • Debbie Love, Showtime Spirit, KY
  • Kim Braasch, Cheer Tyme, PA
  • Sue Godes, Planet Spirit, MN
  • Angi Dunham, Capitol City Cheer, MO

Competition Event Producers

The terms of office for these NAB members expire 12/31/12

  • Dan Kessler, JAMfest, KY
  • Colleen Little, Cheer America, TX
  • Justin Carrier, NCA, TX
  • Billy Smith, Spirit Celebration, TX
  • Mike Pare, Spirit Cheer, FL

Terms expire in December 2010

  • Gwen Holtsclaw, Cheer Ltd, NC
  • Bill Patterson, NCA, TX
  • Marty Grogan, JAMZ, CA
  • Jody Delorit, UPA, MN
  • Liz Rossetti, Americheer

Affiliate Members

The terms of office for these NAB members expire 12/31/12

  • Shane Womack – Inside Cheerleading
  • Jackie Martin – Inside Cheerleading

Terms expire in December 2010

  • Valerie Ninemire – Cheer Coach and Advisor
  • Ross Morreale – Ross Athletics
  • James Kersey – Nfinity Shoes

The NAB is an essential component of the USASF and has been crucial to the overall success of the organization to date. Every organization is only as good as the members who step up and lead. The USASF is no exception. So, please consider your nomination carefully and let’s continue to have the NAB filled with the best leaders in the all star community.


Jim Chadwick USASF President