More Junior Bid Information

There has been a lot of confusion about the Junior Bids. Here are some of the things we’ve heard:

Pretty Reliable:

  • Four bids were given in the All Girl division due to the confusion of given and All Girl team a Coed bid. The team scored high enough to earn a bid in All Girl, but the USASF didn’t want to take a bid away from a team that had been told they had one.
  • The videos were scored using the 2010 score sheet, which was released in December (some say January).


  • The USASF will rescore all of the video entries using the 2009 score sheet. Teams finishing in the top 3 using the 2009 score sheet that did not get a bid using the 2010 score sheet,  will be awarded a bid.
  • Teams awarded bids using the 2010 score sheet cannot lose their bid, but will be rescored and can factor into the top 3 finishers using the 2009 score sheet.
  • Bids will be handed down if not accepted.