Junior Worlds Bids II

Junior team Bids to the 2010 Cheerleading Worlds have now been awarded (again). Congratulations to all the teams earning bids.

All Girl (2010 Scoresheet Ranking, 2009 Scoresheet Ranking)

  • Green Bay Elite (1, 5)
  • Stingrays (2, 1)
  • East Celebrity Elite (3, 6)
  • World Cup (4, T3)
  • Woodlands Elite (5, T3)
  • Maryland Twisters (6, 2)

Coed (2010 Scoresheet Ranking, 2009 Scoresheet Ranking)

  • Illinois Cheer Company (1, T2)
  • California(2, 1)
  • All Star Legacy (3, 4)
  • Ultimate Athletics (4, 5)
  • Cheer Athletics (5, T2)

With one exception, bids were awarded to teams that had a top 3 finish using either the 2010 or 2009 scoresheet. Bids were awarded to the top 3 finishers using either scoresheet because of the timing of the release of the 2010 scoresheet. Coaches assumed the videos would be judged based on the 2009 scoresheet and created their routines accordingly. The routines were actually initially judged using the new 2010 scoresheet, which was released just before the video entries were due. This led to some rumbling from coaches and fans so the USASF decided to re-judge the videos using the 2009 scoresheet.

The one exception to earning a bid by finishing in the top 3 using either scoresheet was Ultimate Athletics coed team. Ultimate Athletics was awarded a bid because they beat a team using the 2010 scoresheet that was awarded a bid based on the 2009 scoresheet. We assume the decision to award Ultimate Athletics a bid was made easier by the fact that there was only one team in this situation and because there were already 6 All Girl teams earning bids and Ultimate Athletics only brings the Coed side to 5 teams.