Coaches Letter

From an anonymous coach:

As a coach my job is to do what is best for my team. As a gym owner my job is to do what is best from my program. Sometimes looking at things from these different angles lead to different versions of what is best. For example, the program has a Senior Level 3 and Senior Level 5 team, with a few open spaces on the Level 3 team before they reach the limit. What is the best thing to do?

Is it to let some of the Level 5 kids crossover to max out the Level 3 team? The answer may change depending on my role. If I’m the coach of the Level 5 team, my answer is likely to be to not let them crossover because it may take away from the Level 5 team. If I’m the Level 3 coach my answer is likely to be to have them crossover in order to add something to the Level 3 routine. My answer as the Level 3 coach could also be to not have them crossover because I don’t want to take the routine away from the Level 3 kids.

As an owner I could go either way. Doing what is best fro the Level 3 team is good for the program right? What about doing the right thing for the Level 5 team? Would having a Worlds bid on the line impact the decision? Would you want to keep the Level 5 kids “fresh” to make a run at a bid? Is that what’s best for the program?