Cheersport News

We are now just over a week away from the largest cheerleading competition in the World, Cheersport, so it’s time to report a little Cheersport news. This year Cheersport is rolling out a new video system in cooperation with Dartfish and continuing the So You Think You Can Tumble contest.


Cheersport has teamed up with the video company Dartfish to provide the best video experience at a competition to date. The Dartfish system will allow those not fortunate enough to make it to Atlanta to watch the videos of their favorite teams just a few minutes after the team’s performance. The Dartfish system will also allow the legality and point deduction judges to tag a part of a routine for review. This means any deductions will be reviewed several times before hitting a team’s scoresheet.

So You Think You Can Tumble

Cheersport has also teamed up with Inside Cheerleading, Nfinity, and the1form to present So You Think You Can Tumble on Friday night. This is a chance to showcase your skills and be crowned one of the best tumblers in America.

SYTYCT Divisions

  • USASF Level 5
    • 12 & Under Female
    • 12 & Under Male
    • 13-18 Female
    • 13-18 Mail
  • Free Style
    • 18 & Up Female
    • 18 & Up Male

More information on the Dartfish System and SYTYCT can be found on Inside Cheerleading.