USASF Board of Directors II

USASF Chairman, Jim Chadwick, shared the following information about the USASF Board of Directors:

  1. 1. The USASF Board of Directors has 13 voting members.
  2. 7 seats are permanent to the original members and named by those members: NCA, UCA, USA, CheerSport, JAMbrands, UDA, and ACA.
  3. The USASF has 2 permanent seats named by the President.
  4. One coach seat is permanent and named by the NACCC.
  5. Three coach seats are elected for 2 year terms and can only be reelected once.
  6. Nominations for coach seats can come from anywhere and are collected and vetted by the Nominating Committee.
  7. New Board members are elected by secret ballot and must be approved unanimously by all voting Board members.
  8. One nonvoting seat is for an international (non-US) event producer or coach.
  9. Guests are invited to attend Board meetings upon the invitation of the Chairman.
  10. Board members are required to sign and adhere to the Board Member Guidelines and to pass a national background check.

Thanks Acedad.