Varsity’s Predict-A-Score

From Justin Carrier:


We’ve created a fantastic tool to use as you prepare for your first Varsity All Star event!

Varsity’s Predict-A-Score is an on-line score sheet and calculator for coaches. CLICK HERE to visit Predict-A-Score.

Once on the site, fill in the mock score sheet with the Varsity Brand you are competing with and the USASF Level of your team. You will be given an opportunity to enter in scores for each category. The Predict-A-Score will compute your final score based on your entries.

With this tool, coaches can make decisions on elements of their routine based on the varying outcome possibilities. Varsity All Star wants to give coaches the ability to gage the impact of including (or excluding) specific skill sets with the ultimate goal of producing the best score for a team’s performance this season.

CLICK HERE to view the new Varsity Standard of Scoring.

Use the scoring information from the Varsity Standard of Scoring to help predict your sore when entering them into the score sheet on the Predict-A-Score.

Good luck and let us know if you have any questions!

Justin Carrier