Varsity Scoring Lesson #2

Justin Carrier sent Varsity Scoring Lesson #2:

Lesson #2

Understanding the Execution/Technique Bonus

  • All of the Varsity Brands that are adopting the new Varsity Standard of Scoring will be implementing the new “Technique/Execution” bonus in all skills categories.
  • Technique/Execution was broken out in hopes of making all star teams focus on incredible technique and precision.  The bonus score will range anywhere in between a .10 and 1.0.
  • Here are a few key reminders about the Technique/Execution Bonus
    • The judges will use the following criteria when evaluating Technique/Execution: Synchronization, form, technique, body position and body control.
    • Since “Bobbles” are no longer receiving a quantifiable point deduction, the panel judges may include any bobbles (ex: hands down in tumbling, shaky stunts, incomplete twisting cradles) when awarding a team’s Technique/Execution bonus.
    • For  all “Mistakes” (with a point deduction value of 1.0 subtracted from your Final Score), the panel judges are being instructed to IGNORE those mistakes and only score what skills are executed to completion.  (example: If a team attempts 5 heel stretches, and 2 of the heel stretches fall, the panel judges are to evaluate the 3 heel stretches that are still in the air.)  Our goal is to avoid any opportunity for double-deductions.

Your Technique/Execution bonus score will not necessarily be relative to your Difficulty Score in the same Skill Category.  For example, if a Level 5 team only performs two leg extensions, their Stunts Difficulty Score will be relatively low compared to the other teams in their division.  However, if that same stunt sequence is performed to absolute perfection, they have an opportunity to max out their Technique/Execution Bonus and earn as much as a 1.0.