Varsity Scoring Lesson #1

Justin Carrier sent Varsity Scoring Lesson #1:

Lesson #1

How to Read the Varsity Standard of Scoring

We’ve had a few questions about how to read the score sheet and the different columns.  Here is a Cliffs Notes version to help you understand!

The “Maximum Value” column shows you what your total possible score is when you combine your DIFFICULTY score with your EXECUTION/TECHNIQUE Bonus.  (Your Difficulty Score Ranges are laid out on the Varsity All Star Scoring Grid.)

For example:

  • A Level 5 team that performs Elite Skills AND a double down dismount will earn a DIFFICULTY SCORE between  8.0 and a 9.0.
  • Then the judges will award an EXECUTION/TECHNIQUE BONUS of up to 1.0.
  • The Maximum DIFFICULTY SCORE is a 9.0 and the Maximum EXECUTION BONUS is 1.0, making the MAXIMUM TOTAL STUNT SCORE a 10.0

On the Varsity Score Sheet, every skills category has a DIFFICULTY column and an EXECUTION/TECHNIQUE column.  The only categories that don’t break it out are PERFORMANCE, SKILLS CREATIVITY and ROUTINE CREATIVITY.

I hope this helps.  We’ll be sending out periodic updates over the upcoming weeks.  We will also be posting this information on Facebook.  If you aren’t already, log on to Facebook and become a fan of Varsity All Star for all the latest news in the all star cheer world.


Justin Carrier