Safety seems to be one the hot topics in cheerleading right now. Safety organizations such as AACCA, NCSF, NCSSE, and USASF all have a hand in making cheerleading safer. For example, AACCA recently released Minimum Standards for Cheerleading Competitions, NCSF and NCSSE have partnered and created a college level safety course, and USASF has promoted athlete and coach credentialing. Noticing the efforts of these organizations and recent conversations about safety makes us wonder:

  • Are any of these initiatives or organizations making significant progress?
  • Which specific items do they need to address to effectively make cheerleading safer?
  • Would these organization be better off working together or is it best to address safety from the various perspectives we are now?
  • What will it take to get support from the major brands?
  • Can cheer safety be profitable?

There are many more questions that could be asked and need to be answered. Please let us know which questions you think should be asked of the safety organizations.