IEP Update

The Independent Event Producers (IEP) has updated their website. Their Mission Statement is:

An organization of independently owned event companies whose mission is to collectively influence the cheerleading and dance industry, to promote independents and work to insure our long term viability in the industry.

The website lists the following companies as members:

  • American Cheer Express
  • America Downunder
  • AmeriCheer/AmeriDance
  • Champion Cheer & Dance
  • Cheer America
  • Cheer and Dance Extreme
  • Cheer LTD
  • Cheer Star Productions
  • ECDA
  • JAMZ
  • KC Christmas
  • Mardi Gras
  • Pac West Spirit Group
  • Redline Cheer & Dance
  • Spirit Celebration
  • Spirit Unlimited
  • United Cheer
  • UPA Cheer & Dance
  • US Spirit
  • WCA
  • WSA

Independent Event Producers