Dear USASF: Worlds Bid Process


Please consider redesigning the Worlds Bid process. Right now there is 1 major problem, which is too many bids being given to an event that is supposed to be reserved for the best of the best. We believe the event needs to be more exclusive and the bid process could be setup in a way that makes it easier and quicker for teams and fans to know who has been awarded bids. As is done now, start with the USASF and Event Producers working together to determine which events will be Worlds qualifiers. Each of the Worlds qualifiers will award a bid to the winner of each of the Worlds eligible divisions, as long as there are 2 or more teams in the division. If a division does not have 2 teams it must be combined with another division (or divisions) so there are at least 2 teams. Bids never get passed to a 2nd place finisher, even if the winning team had a bid entering the event or earns one later in the season.

This will make it so a team must win their division to get a bid, must beat someone to earn a bid, and every team that wins a Worlds eligible division (or combined division) will get a Worlds bid. Awarding 1 bid per division at each World qualifier will also limit the number of teams in each division at Worlds to the number of qualifying events. The number of Paid and Partial bids given at each Worlds qualifier will be determined as it is today. Event Producers can determine their own method of deciding who earns Paid or Partial bids, but must publish the process they will use in prior to the competition, we suggest by May 1st.

Thank you,

Spirit Post