Independent Event Producers

The Independent Event Producers (IEP), a new organization sent the following press release:

August 24, 2009-Dallas, Tx.-A new organization was formed in Dallas, Texas recently; the Independent Event Producers (IEP) is committed to bringing a collective voice of the independently owned event producers to the cheer and dance industry.  This new alliance intends to form an inclusive group that will come together to insure independent companies long term viability in the industry through networking and communication.

Part of the organization’s strategy will be to develop new cross marketing ideas and generate greater awareness of the “independents”.  These individual companies are committed to their own customers, unique in their identities, united in their goals and equivalent in their voices.

“The independent sector is the largest portion of our industry and the time has come for us to join forces to positively influence the cheer and dance community.  Independent companies bring unique qualities and customer incentives to events all across the country”, says Colleen Little of Cheer America Championships, an IEP Spokesperson and Founding Member.

Over 15 independent event producers were present at the inaugural meeting.  The IEP is currently working on their bylaws and will soon be holding a meeting to elect the Board of Directors and Officers.  The Organization welcomes any independently owned event producers with no ownership or control by any company in the spirit industry with annual gross revenues of $5 million or more.  The web site will be launched soon, please visit  for further information.


If you would like more information or have questions on this topic, please contact Colleen Little at 800-554-4370 or email Colleen at [email protected]

If you would like more information on membership, please contact Lisa Saline at 800-800-6UPA (6872) or email Lisa at [email protected]

Independent Event Producer Press Release