Rumors: Juniors & Worlds

We’ve heard plenty of rumors about Juniors being at Worlds in 2010 and figured we’d share some of what we’ve heard:

  • USASF has announced the divisions for Worlds 2010 and it includes Junior divisions. This is the only official announcement concerning Juniors at Worlds.
  • Rumor: USASF is reconsidering keeping Juniors at Worlds and has a conference call scheduled for today (June 10th) to make a decision. Supposedly many Americans don’t want to keep Juniors at Worlds, but the International representatives are in favor of it. USASF’s Matt McDonough sent ACEDAD word that there is no truth to the rumor that Juniors at Worlds is being reconsidered, but hopefully the USASF will make another announcement soon to put an end to the rumors.
  • Rumor: Some major American event producers have decided not to offer Junior teams bids to Worlds 2010. If American event producers or gyms want to stop having Juniors at Worlds this is a creative solution. It works with the USASF’s announcement that Juniors will be at Worlds and Matt McDonough’s denial of Juniors at Worlds being reconsidered, but also virtually eliminates Juniors from Worlds.