Dear Alabama

If we were University of Alabama cheerleading alum, a letter similar to this would be sent to key members of the University immediately. We would also talk to the coaches about postponing tryouts to give more time for the officials to reconsider their decision. We realize the ability to compete in the future may depend on getting a paid bid to nationals and willingly accept that challenge.

We are writing as one voice representing current, past, and future University of Alabama cheerleaders and coaches. We are also writing as one voice representing participants, fans, and supporters of collegiate cheerleading everywhere. We are writing to ask you to reconsider the decision to no longer allow the Alabama cheerleaders to compete. We have proudly supported the athletic teams of Alabama, faithfully served as ambassadors of the University, and positively promoted the University and State of Alabama at every opportunity. We are asking you to allow us to continue to represent the University of Alabama at College Cheerleading and Dance Nationals Championship.

What is being taken away isn’t about a trophy or a trip to Florida. It’s about the little girls that dream of becoming an Alabama cheerleader after watching us perform on ESPN. It’s about the kids that choose to attend the University of Alabama after attending an Alabama cheerleading camp, brought about by seeing us at the collegiate championship. It’s about no longer having the opportunity to bond with our teammates as we work through the trials and tribulations of preparing for a competition. The blood, sweat, and tears of practice, being picked up by teammates when we are knocked down, and helping teammate up when they fall, are all parts of the great memories formed while participating in cheerleading at Alabama, and therefore part of the great memories of the University of Alabama. We are asking the University of Alabama to support the groups that have tirelessly supported the University of Alabama.

With the enthusiasm and pride with which we represent the University of Alabama, we ask you to reconsider.

Roll Tide!